Paul Walker was going to do a Nicholas Sparks movie


In an emotional, very sincere chinwag with Deadline about his friend and client Paul Walker, manager Matt Luber spoke about the late actor’s plans to star in a romantic epic, based on a Nicholas Sparks book, in 2014.

Walker, who tragically died before completing Universal’s “Fast & Furious 7”, was locked-in to two movies next year, one was a reboot of ‘Hitman’, another was… something for the ladies.

“…he had two other movies he was excited to get to do. One was Agent 47, the re-imagining of Hitman, and the other was a total departure from what people expected from Paul Walker. He was going to do a Nicholas Sparks love story, The Best Of Me. We had wanted to do a love story for most of his career, and the stars finally aligned and we found the perfect one. He was in the final stages of negotiating to do that after Agent 47. After that, he was committed to taking a significant break to be with his daughter.”

Walker had been circling a film called “Skyscraper”, for a while too, but I’m not sure whether he was still committed to that at the time of his passing.

Our condolences to Mr. Luber on the loss of his long-time friend.