Axel Foley and Indiana Jones eye comebacks on the big screen


Another day, another sore teat…

Axel Foley and Indiana Jones are the next two cash cows about to get a tuggin’.

According to Deadline, a new “Beverly Hills Cop” movie (yeah, yeah, I know… they’ve been talking about doing a fourth “Cop” longer than I’ve been out of diapers) and a fifth “Indiana Jones” movie are looking likely.

Now that he’s back at Paramount (after a long stint at Disney), one of the first tasks Jerry Bruckheimer’s charged himself with is resurrecting the “Beverly Hills Cop” series. ‘JB’ produced every installment of the film series but the shitty one with the George Lucas cameo and stereos that shoot bullets.

Brett Ratner, who has long been attached to direct a fourth installment, is said to still be on board the movie – tentatively titled “Beverly Hills Cop” (imaginative). Eddie Murphy has agreed to reprise Axel, if someone can get the script right.

The film is being described as a ‘reboot’, which essentially just means they’ll bring in a ‘son’ character (A canned TV spin-off of the movie series, the pilot of which filmed last year, featured Brandon T.Jackson as Foley’s son; it’s possible they’ll go that way again with the movie) or bring in Arnold Schwarzenegger as some quote-quipping defector cop from Russia. Interesting to note, plan is to set the film in Detroit – Foley’s home- rather than Beverly Hills.

Meanwhile, Disney has – and it comes as no surprise, considering they have the rights to “Star Wars” now – snapped up the “Indiana Jones” rights from Paramount. The latter retain the rights to the first four movies in the series, but Disney are now free to make more ‘Jones’ jaunts – of which Paramount will also get a small cut. Disney exec was said to have muttered “Sure, you can gladly keep that Crystal Skull thing…”.