Having done sugar, Twilight scribe now doing Salt


She had Edward take a bite out of Bella’s skin throbber, now Melissa Rosenberg’s out to put her bite on the spy-flick.

The “Twilight” writer has inked a deal to redraft – or, ‘fix up someone else’s mistakes’ – on an untitled female action movie that was originally intended to be a comedy. No doubt Summit have changed their mind, in terms of film’s tone, because of Paul Feig’s upcoming action-comedy-spy flick… and don’t even want to try and compete against the “Bridesmaids” whiz.

Quite a few writers have worked on the “Salt”-esque film, including Douglas S. Cook and David Weisberg (”The Rock”, ”Double Jeopardy”), as well as Erich and John Hoeber (“Red”). I was asked to do a polish, but I was busy working on the wardrobe knobs at home at the time.

Deadline says :

The story, now untitled, is now taking a turn away from what was going to be a comedy and gearing more the pic towards a female-centric actioner in the line with Salt, also produced by the team of di Bonaventura and Vahradian. It will focus on a group of female spies.

Given her track record, this is Rosenberg’s baliwick. And having worked myself with former CIA operatives through the Association of the Recovery of Children, I can tell you, the former females spies are just as tough … and definitely more wily … than the guys.