In the tradition of Toddlers & Tiaras comes Rosemary’s Baby : the mini-series!


Be gone from the runway, devil’s spawn!

Without even thanking the recent remake of “Carrie” for inspiring the decision (surely it did!? That thing is… oh wait, no it wasn’t), NBC’s announced they’re turning Stephen King’s yarn “Rosemary’s Baby” into a mini-series.

Oscar nominee Agnieszka Holland (dude! back away from the mini-series! back AWAY from the mini-series!) will rework the tale of a couple who move to Paris, move into a haunted abode, and produce Satan’s kid. Scott Abbott and James Wong are writing the teleplay, with filming set to begin in Paris (the actual Paris?! Why not just rob a backdrop of Paris from the Muppet Studios) next month.

“Ira Levin’s mesmerizing book was a groundbreaking reflection on how effective and influential a psychological thriller could be,” said Quinn Taylor, NBC’s EVP, Movies, Miniseries and International Co-Productions, according to Deadline. Added NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke, “As we move into the event movie and miniseries space, Rosemary’s Baby represents the kind of attention-getting, surprising project that will make noise for us. The story has been updated and moved to Paris, but it’s faithful to the spirit of Ira Levin’s classic novel.”

Say, speaking of King remakes, who saw “Carrie”? … *crickets* How was that scene at the end with the…? *crickets*