Jesse Wigutow to feed Zac Efron his line’s via Fire


The up-and-coming screenwriter, whose credits include the ‘is it even gonna friggin’ happen?’ remake of “The Crow”, will doodle the dialogue for Zac Efron’s “pet” project – apparently a “pet” project has nothing to do with co-starring with a Dalmatian or a talking budgie – “Fire”.

Deadline says the pic, a Universal Pictures production, is based on a graphic novel by comic-book wizard Brian Michael Bendis, and fixes on “a college student (Efron) who is recruited by the CIA only to find out he is being trained for a program that churns out expendable spies.”

The project has been on Efron’s dance card looking than that half-open packet of Extra chewing gum has been on my dash, so due time it got moving (the movie, not the gum – – that’s staying; it’s like part of the car now).