President Snow to Tea Bag in Hunger Games : Mockingjay


Parental discretion is advised.

Serial TV baddie Robert Knepper (“Cult”, “Prison Break”, “Mob City”) is set to play President Snow’s minister Antonius in the two-part “Hunger Gamnes” finale (though I still say there’s room for one more! surely Peeta’s ostensible wimpiness has an interesting back-story?), according to Deadline.

Knepper, likely best known for his role as the rogue ‘Tea Bag’ (you can’t wipe your brow now girls; Donald Sutherland won’t be getting down-and-dirty on screen) on “Prison Break” will play a character

The meekly-typecast actor joins the returning cast of the previous two flicks, along with Julianne Moore who plays Alma Coin – the rarest and most valuable of all monetary donation.