Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Lose : Kyle Chandler show dropped


Considering the cats scratching in the tray, one suspects Showtime’s “The Vatican” may have been a pretty decent show. Nevertheless, the religious-themed drama, that would’ve brought “Friday Night Lights” star Kyle Chandler back to the small screen, and given Ridley Scott an additional line of underlined text on his IMDB page, has been dropped.

Sounds like the series was pretty much dead from the moment someone scrawled ‘ep.1’ on the tins of film though. The pilot ended up costing Showtime a confession-booth load; the showrunner split over creative differences; the network expected something better…and it goes on.

Hopefully Chandler lands on his feet real soon; I don’t know how he’s getting by doing such low-budget, independent fare like “Argo”, “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Zero Dark Thirty”. He and Todd Bridges would definitely have some stories to share.

Meanwhile, here’s some classic ‘Coach Taylor’ to soothe the pain..