Gordon-Levitt starring in, directing Sandman


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is headed back to comic-book ville (take a left after the restroom sign, go just past the ‘white water rapids’ ride, then duck through the side gate) for “Sandman”, Warner’s big-screen transfer of the Neil Gaiman graphic novel, according to Deadline.

David Goyer, who worked with Levitt on the last ‘Bat’ flick, is on writing duties.

Gordon-Levitt isn’t just starring in the film, the “Don Jon” director is also helming. Is he ready for this? I guess so. I guess the actor has spent enough time on the sets of enough big movies to know how to get them done – and get them done good.

Here’s a rundown of ‘Sandman’ :

The Sandman is a comic book series written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, Jill Thompson, Shawn McManus, Marc Hempel and Michael Zulli and more, with covers by Dave McKean. Beginning with issue #47, it was placed under the imprint Vertigo. It chronicles the adventures of Dream (of the Endless), who rules over the world of dreams.