Our friend Danny Strong likes Guys & Dolls


My ol’ bud Danny Strong, who you young viewers will remember as Sunnydale’s captain nerd Jonathan, has been on a tootsie-sized roll the past couple of years – not so much as an actor (though you were brilliant in the 5 seconds of screen time you had in “The Butler”, bro), but as a screenwriter.

Near as soon as he’d won the statues for writing those Jay Roach-directed political things for HBO, like “Recount”, Strong was picked and plucked by the deep-pocketed money boys in Hollywood, who have since had him working on everything from “Hunger Games” movies to “The Butler” the third “Da Vinci Code”.

Goes without saying, the boy has happy feet (great, now I hear Kermit the Frog in my head), indeed.

And, it seems Danny likes to swing, too.

Fox has tapped the wordsmith to pen their long-mooted remake of “Guys & Dolls”, which every actor in town (Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum were recently sniffing it out) fancies be in, and every director in town (Baz Luhrmann flirted with it at one stage) raised an interested brow to.

It’s a long ways off – obviously, considering Strong’s just been hired to write it – but I’m sure the thing will attract a good cast and crew, based on the interest that it’s already garnered.

Giles would be proud, Jonathan (heck, we are too Danny; we goes a ways back!).