Sandlot kid back pitching; needs funds for new movie Bad Roomies


“Sandlot” star Patrick Renna and Tommy Savas (“The Sopranos”) have teamed up to try and get the comedy “Bad Roomies” up. The project is using Kickstarter to generate funds. Thing looks good, so thought we’d give it a mention :

LOS ANGELES, December 17, 2013 — Actor Patrick Renna, star from popular movies ‘The Sandlot’ and ‘The Big Green’, director Jason Schnell, co-founder of popular YouTube sketch comedy adventure Reckless Tortuga,actor Tommy Savas, star from award-winning TV series ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘The Last Ship’, and screenwriter Justin Mooney announce production of their original feature-length film ‘Bad Roomies’.
Having obtained partial funding from private backers, the team commenced pre-production and is currently mid-casting for the project, with filming slated to begin in early 2014. Now in the final stages of fundraising, the team opens the project up to the public with the announcement of a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising a total of $75,000. (
The film, penned by Mooney and described by its creators as ‘a modern comedy with dark undertones,’ tells the story of two roommates, played by the comically inclined Renna and Savas, who decide, for reasons less than pure, to introduce a female roommate into their lives. The ensuing saga of mayhem and mischance is best told on screen, where the team of filmmakers is confident audiences will find it worth the watch.
While the project marks the production team’s debut feature-length film as a unit, its core creators boast a combined filmography of more than 400-total-credits for work in front of and behind the camera.

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