Frozen snowman wet for Gilligan’s Island movie


Hollywood’s carton of iced coffee is ostensibly all but empty.

That ‘old chestnut’ of an idea to turn ”Gilligan’s Island” into a movie – it’s been floated many times before, once with Adam Sandler penciled in to play the dimish Gilligan – has returned! …And this time it’s bringing with it… well, that guy.. from that movie. You know the one.

Josh Gad, the “Book of Mormon” star who has taken up considerable space on screens big and small the past year (“jOBS”, “Frozen”, “1600 Penn”), is attached to Warner’s big-screen reboot of the ’60s series. Deadline, who have the scoop, aren’t sure whether Gad is playing Gilligan or the Skipper – my money’s on the latter (but boy, where’s Brian Dennehy’s box-office pull when you need it!?).

Gad, who currently lends his lungs to icy sweetspot “Frozen”, is writing the screenplay with Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez.