This is heavy! Marty and Doc reunite for The Michael J.Fox Show


Great Scott!

Marty and Doc back together again for… well, Michael J.Fox’s fairly standard sitcom (Look, I like it, and Fox is still a mesmeric watch, but the show lacks the oomph and humour of his earlier efforts).
Pics have emerged from the Hill Valley Chronicle – OK, The Hollywood Reporter – of time-traveling companions Fox and Christopher Lloyd, reuniting on “The Michael J.Fox Show” for the first time in… well, whenever that episode of “Spin City” aired that they did together.

Llloyd guest-stars in a Spring 2014 episode as the principal at the school where Fox’s on-screen wife Betsy Brandt works. Assumingly, one thing leads to another and they…go play laser tag.

‘Chubby’ from “Teen Wolf” next please, Fox?