Silence cynics! Ben Affleck’s already made Batman vs. Superman a better film than it would’ve been


… and not only because he’s roped in friend Kevin Smith to play Jimmy Olsen (that’s a joke).

Affleck, a chap who went from doing “Changing Lanes” to ‘I don’t do shit anymore, only award contenders’ in the space of a decade, is using his clout to improve the forthcoming “Batman vs. Superman” movie.
In addition to playing charcoal-toned hero Batman, Affleck’s understandably – well, the dude does have Oscars – got some say in the film’s script. Word is, he’s asked “Argo” screenwriter Chris Terrio to come in and punch up David Goyer’s script for the superhero clash.

Terrio, who goes aways back with “Argo” helmer Affleck, got to work before production began on the movie – suggesting Affleck wanted the film to be the best it could be before he even spoke one word from under the cowl.

As unnecessary and as head-scratching as Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” was, it’s led to not only a movie featuring both Batman and Superman, but one that might also see Joaquin Phoenix break his ‘no comic book movies’ rule.