In ‘Yes, but didn’t we already know that?’ news, Paul Rudd is Ant-Man.


From “Anchorman” to “Ant-Man”.

Paul Rudd looks to have the role of the pint-sized superhero in the bag.

The trades say Marvel has picked the comedic actor to front director Edgar Wright’s long-awaited comic book movie. Whether this has anything to do with original pick Joseph Gordon-Levitt deciding to do “Sandman” at WB instead, I… shiiiit, who are we kidding!? of course it’s got something to do with it! Rudd’s no slouch, in fact, he’s bloody brilliant (especially in “Clueless”, yo!) but by Kenny Roger’s leg warmers, Gordon-Levitt’s the bigger name of the two – that’s for sure, and no doubt Disney would’ve preferred his name on the marquee.

Rudd’s debut as ‘Ant-Man’ comes July, 2015.