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Anna Paquin has been Terrence Malick-ed from X-Men : Days of Future Past

Rogue’s only scene cut from the movie

The often-naked “True Blood” beauty has been chopped from the next “X-Men” movie, director Bryan Singer tells EW.

Paquin reprised her role as Rogue for the all-star TOS/NEXT-GEN teaming, but unfortunately the scene she appeared in – yes, the one, lone scene she did – has been swept away from some of Hugh Jackman’s excess chest hair on the cutting room floor.

“Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous. It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go. Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in. Even though she’s in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won’t appear in it.”

The scene Paquin filmed was said to be a rescue sequence that also featured Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Shawn Ashmore, back as Rogue’s squeezie McSqueeze Iceman.

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