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Sacked Wolverine Dougray Scott might get his Marvel moment after all

“The Avengers : Age of Ultron” may be eyeing Scottish actor

As the story goes, Hugh Jackman only ended up getting the ‘Wolverine’ gig – in Bryan Singer’s original “X-Men” – because Scottish actor Dougray Scott was unable to grow rapidly overnight. Unfortunately for Scott – who at that stage was probably best known for Charming the bloomers off Drew Barrymore’s Cinderella in “Ever After” – his shortness cost him one of popcorn cinema’s greatest movie roles. Would’ve stung like a Drago punch to the abdomen.

But are Marvel, the chaps that made the final call on Scott’s nixing back in the “X-Men” days, about to throw the actor a belated bone?


According to Latino Review, Scott is one of the frontrunners for the role of Baron Von Strucker, a villain who has Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver on his payroll, in the upcoming “Avengers” sequel.

Scott, whose recent credits include Netflix series “Hemlock Grove” and speedy straight-to-video’r “Death Race 2”, is challenging New Zealander Martin Csoskas (“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”) for the role.

HitFix, confirming Latino Review’s report, say the Baron Von Strucker character will be the main rogue in the film’s first quarter.

“In “Age Of Ultron,” Baron Von Strucker is the initial threat, the guy they’re fighting at the start of the film. He does not have a major ongoing role in the film, but he is responsible for bringing Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch into contact with the Avengers in the first place, since they start the film working either with or or the Baron. If you look at this like a James Bond movie, Von Strucker’s the bad guy they’ll take care of in the pre-credits sequence before they move into the main story. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch have a complicated journey in this film, and the question of whether they’re good or bad is one of the big things driving the movie overall.”

Both Scott and Csokas already have an “in” with Marvel, one having nearly worked with them and one currently working for them, but it’ll likely come down to whoever looks the best in a grey suit, donning a mechanical hand.
Hopefully height doesn’t come into it.

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