Clint’s end-of-year-list : The best and worst of 2013


FAVORITE MOVIE OF 2013 – Gravity (otherwise known as ‘Hope Floats’)

LEAST FAVOURITE MOVIE OF 2013 – A Good Day to… refuse to pay Bruce Willis his usual asking price, that’s what! (I’ve seen my cat do my entertaining tricks than “A Good Day to Die Hard” offered up! – and even the cat ends with ‘Yipee-Ki-Yay…’)

MOST SURPRISINGLY DECENT MOVIE OF 2013 – “Evil Dead” and “We’re the Millers” left me open-jawed by the surprising amount of entertainment value in them.

MOST DISAPPOINTING MOVIE OF 2013 – “Man of Steel” (I don’t know about you, but every time I watch Richard Donner’s original I say to myself ‘know what would’ve made this movie more kick-ass? Zor-El riding around on a friggin’ dragon) or “The Bling Ring” (walked into it expecting to see Naomi Watts, spooky Asian ghosts and cursed video apes and got Hermoine from ‘Harry Potter’ playing ‘dress up’ for 90 minutes!)

BEST PERFORMANCE OF 2013 – ACTOR AND ACTRESS – Sandra Bullock for “Gravity”, Hugh Jackman for “Prisoners”.

WORST PERFORMANCE OF 2013 – ACTOR, ACTRESS OR ANIMAL – Didn’t much go for Will Smith’s performance as ‘likeable box-office draw-card’ or the dude he played in “After Earth” (and if that was ‘After’ Earth, wow.. I’d hate to have to sit through plain ol’ ‘Earth’! Oh wait..).

THE ONE FILM YOU’RE DISAPPOINTED YOU DIDN’T SEE – “Home Alone Dogs” is definitely up there, but I still haven’t got around to seeing “Blue Jasmine”. Mandy kept recommending I check ‘the blue jasmine’, but I thought she was hitting on me, trying to lure me to the gardens. Also… whatever Ashley Greene filmed on her iPhone last week after that wild night on the town she had.

BEST TV SHOW OF THE YEAR – Girls (How YOU doin’, Alison Williams!?) or The Crazy Ones. I can’t decide. You can’t make me either. I’m in charge here.

WORST TV SHOW OF THE YEAR – Community TV’s “Game of Cones”, where ye old nobleman compete for the ownership of the very first Wendy’s. OK, in all seriousness… I gotta admit, I’m much rather gutted that “Michael J.Fox Show” isn’t that good. If only someone had a time-machine, so we could go back to the future, fix the wrongs in it, then wait for a bolt of lightning to send us back TO the future where everything would be perfect with it. And Biff would now be washing my car.

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHT FROM MOVIEHOLE THIS YEAR – All the dancing (especially loved that moment where I dove off stage, to the tune of ‘I’ve had the Time of My Life’, straight into Hugh Humphrey’s arms. Magic.) I also loved seeing everyone go onto such great things, as a result of their work here; 2014 is gonna rock like a One Direction groupie at a Blue Light disco!