10 Cool Toys to Buy Yourself For Christmas!


If you’re anything like us, you usually end up buying yourself something fun for Christmas – something nobody will else will think to get you, or something the folks are too ashamed to buy their grown child. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Being movie nerds, our lounges, offices and bedrooms are full of all sorts of movie trinkets, action figures and other assorted collectibles – and by the looks of what’s currently on offer at Sideshow Toy,  our respective spaces aren’t going to be looking like IKEA catalogues anytime soon.

Here are 10 fabulous looking toys, action figures or collectibles we’ve spotted this year! Click the link to buy any of them (for us)!

1. As average as Captain America : The First Avenger may have been, there’s no denying this ‘Red Skull’ collectible wouldn’t like awesome on a shelf!
Red Skull Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure


2. Expensive, sure, but worth every penny? I’m betting so!
Iron Patriot Marvel Quarter Scale Maquette


3. An oldie but a goodie! ‘if it bleeds we can kill it!’


4. It’s his “Last Stand” costume, but still… nifty!


5. These are cute! Little “Star Wars” dudes in USB form!


6. I.Want.This


7. Obviously, not something to buy the kid..


8. I don’t know that you’ll get it in time for Christmas, because it says they’re taking “pre-orders” only, but still.. a good one for fans of Kal-El.


9. I think if you’re gonna buy another from ‘The Terminator’, it should be Arnold’s T-800…


10. ….Though you can buy Sam Worthington’s Marcus character from “Terminator Salvation”, if you choose to.


Please Note :While we do get a percentage of any sale made at SideShow Toy, know that it’s usually very little but more so, any monetary comeback we get is put back into the site.

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