Merry Christmas Sherlock fans! Here’s a mini-episode!


Merry Christmas from the BBC everyone! In a move that is sure to raise the Christmas cheer in my house at least, the BBC has released a 7 minute prequel episode for the upcoming season 3 of the hit show Sherlock. The episode, which is called “Many Happy Returns”, has been posted on YouTube by the BBC.
2 years have passed since Sherlock’s death at the end of season two, and it’s clear that while Watson is trying (and failing) to move on with his life, some of the Holmes devoted followers aren’t quite ready to believe that he is gone for good.
The series which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is premiering in the UK on January 1st and in the US on January 19th. No Australian date has been released yet.
If you want to build up your excitement for the next series, you can watch the mini episode below.

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