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Get Smart 2 was close to happening; Carell wrote ‘very funny script’

Director Peter Segal on why the sequel didn’t happen

A few months back we asked Steve Carell whatever happened to the “Get Smart” sequel that, by all indications, was ready to go?

The actor, then promoting “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”, didn’t go into it, but did confirm that it was unlikely he’d be back as Agent Maxwell Smart again.

In a new interview with Collider, “Get Smart” director Peter Segal – whose new film “Grudge Match” opens Christmas Day across the U.S – confirms that the sequel was close to being a reality; Carell himself had written a script.

“It was very close. It was a very funny script. I think Get Smart was Alan Horn’s baby, when he was the head of the studio. When Alan left, I think the life of Get Smart the series left with him. It’s too bad that Disney can’t purchase the rights to that because I adore Alan, but maybe that will see the light of day. Who knows? Anchorman 2 got made nine years after the original. There was a version of that script ready to go.”

Besides the studio not exactly wanting it, a “Get Smart 2” would be difficult to get up for another reason, I’d think, Anne Hathaway’s raging popularity and Oscar Winning status. I just don’t think a 99 reprise would be something she’d consider a priority right now. Having said that, even Carell’s busy enough not to to have to worry about one franchise falling through the cracks.

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