Exclusive : Vibe to appear in The Flash series


Like sister series “Arrow”, The CW’s “The Flash” plans to surround it’s central character with a few familiar faces from it’s comic origins.

Word is Hispanic hero Cisco Ramon aka ‘Vibe’ will be fighting crime alongside senor speedy on the David Nutter-directed pilot.

In his 20s, the cheeky Ramon fought his underprivileged upbringing to become one of the smartest, most talented chaps around; when it comes to mechanical engineering, there’s nobody better. Somewhat of a metahuman, the guy’s main power is his ability to emit powerful vibratory shock waves.

In the comics, Ramon would ultimately inherit a place in the ‘Justice League of America’.

It’s rumoured that the character, should he prove popular, could become a regular on the series.

“The Flash” begins filming in Vancouver in March.