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Pirates sharing Daenerys Targaryen

Pirates sharing Daenerys Targaryen

Three unsurprising title’s have topped 2013’s most pirated TV show list, as reported by TorrentFreak.
HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has come out on top for its season 3 finale, which recorded more illegal downloads than traditional US viewers.
“GOT” was followed by “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead”.
The “Game of Thrones” win is hardly unexpected, the show having broken two piracy records previously, but why is it so heavily downloaded?
It has been suggested that HBO is to blame. The company is determined to hold onto “GOT” as an exclusive, refusing Netflix the rights.
Nevertheless, “GOT” director David Petrarca has admitted that illegal downloads create invaluable “cultural buzz” around his show.
Gale Anne Hurd, exec producer of “The Walking Dead”, doesn’t see piracy in such a positive light.
“There’s a mistaken belief by many of my peers that piracy is somehow good, that viewers will develop a habit to pay for it,” Hurd told Variety. “I’m not sure they really understand other than anecdotal evidence that their ratings go up that the people who pirate are not then going to choose legal downloads or legal viewing in the future.”

Catch TorrentFreak’s full list of pirated shows, per single episode, below:

1 Game of Thrones
2 Breaking Bad
3The Walking Dead
4The Big Bang Theory
6How I Met Your Mother

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