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Nikita : The Complete Third Season

Nikita : The Complete Third Season

The (umpteenth) ”Le Femme Nikita” reboot, starring Maggie Q, just keeps on kicking on.

The third season kicks off with Ryan Fletcher taking over Division, and assigned the task to track down rogue agents. One of those agents is Martin, who is selling his services to Chinese intelligent to knock-off undercover CIA operatives. Michael and Nikita attempt to bring him in, but in doing so, Michael is arrested for murder. Nikita is then forced to decide between saving her beloved Michael or stopping an international incident. Decisions, decisions.

Bunch of good episodes on here – pumped with action – particularly the season finale, where our heroine gets herself into a wee bit of hot water. Season 4 proves to be an interesting one.

DVD : The set come complete with a gag reel and deleted scenes.

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