Ethan Hawke plays the ageing action hero, in a race-against-the-clock dash to save his wife, in the fast-moving but dimply plotted Joel Silver (”Lethal Weapon”) production.

Ex-race car driver Brent Magna (Hawke) has been informed that his wife (Rebecca Budig) has been kidnapped. The mysterious voice (the unmistakable lungs of Jon Voight) on the other end of the line warns Brett that he will never see his beloved bride again unless he steals a car from a parking garage and follows instructions.

With time not on his side, Brent then has to drive both fast and furiously – knocking anything and everything down in sight! – to get to his wife before it’s too late.

Great stunts, but the film must’ve been made at the time of a screenwriters strike.

Blu-ray : In addition to a copy of the film on Ultraviolet, there’s a handful of featurettes to wade through.