Arrow : Season 1


Just as we get to know the ‘Green Arrow’ of TVs ”Smallville” (granted,the show has been off the air for a couple of years now), along comes another show expecting us to invest in their version of the emerald superhero. Thanks to some great writing, and a dramatic tone that share little in common with ”Smallville” (which was more adventure/teen-angst subplot centric), it’s fairly easy to do that – invest in Stephen Amell’s incarnation of Olivier Queen.

As any DC comics reader will know, Oliver Queen is a billionaire playboy (aren’t all these superheroes!?) who was presumed dead after disappearing for 5 years, only to be found on a desert island. When he returns to Starling City, he’s a changed man – he wants to right the wrongs of his past (and the wrongs of his family) but also wants to do a lot more for the people. He starts getting about by night as a masked avenger known as ‘Green Arrow’. Ideally, he won’t be caught out.

DVD : The DVD includes all season 1 extras, a few extras, and the adorable Katie Cassidy (as love interest Laurel Lance), who easily diverts attention in the slower episodes.