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The Lifeguard

The Lifeguard

Kristen Bell loses Veronica’s long-range lens for her latest venture, a film that’s about as flashy as a generation 4iphone but offers a beautifully clear representation of the blonde starlet’s versatility.

In what serves as a perfect actors access demo reel for the TV fave, Bell frowns and frolics through the motions of a messed-up almost-30 year-old lifeguard – at a small neighborhood pool – who, in between trying to figure out where she’s going in life, falls for a teenage pool patron.

Writer/director Liz W.Garcia’s quiet, sometimes slightly sluggish drama is reasonably-engaging coming-of-30 story combined with taboo-relationship flick. As all that, it kinda works. But it works much better as a show-reel for an actress to show us what she’s made of. “The Lifeguard”, I guess you could say, is the cinematic equivalent of having a thesp walk out onto a stage and deliver a long monologue in front of a cold audience. And Ms Bell, you delivered it well.

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