My name is Charisma Morris and I am 6 years old.

I really like “Frozen” – it’s like “Tangled” … but with Snow.

I like Snow.

I also like the Snowman in the movie.

“Frozen” is the story of “The Snow Queen” . In it, Anna goes to rescue her sister Elsa- the Queen – whose powers did accidentally make the land all frozen. They go into the snow to look for her and bring her back. There’s also a snowman, a new friend called Kristoff, and a reindeer helping Anna find Elsa. There’s also a baddie.

My favourite bits in “Frozen” were when Olaf, the Snowman’s carrot nose was eaten by the Reindeer – who then gave it back, all the moments where the Queen would freeze things, and the songs.

I liked both girls in the movie, but I really like the Snowman; Olaf is funny.

There’s some scary bits in it, but the most scary bit of all was when the girl lost her true love and was turning white. Anna not having her true love was the scariest of all.

I liked “Frozen” better than “Tangled”.

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