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Globes worried studios may mislead the public? Naaaah!

No influencing the awards, says the HFPA

The president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has warned the major film studios against influencing the Golden Globe nominations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Theo Kingma of the HFPA sent a letter to the major studio’s publicists advising them not to “mislead the public” by suggesting that a Golden Globe nominee has, in any way, won the award.

The letter comes after promotion of a similar sort occurred in print and TV, prompting objection from other studios. According to Kingma, “several instances” of such promotion have occurred.
The HFPA have seemingly made a significant effort recently to restore their somewhat tarnished reputation, following a host of bad press. They are now addressing the sort of promotion that has already been attended to by the Academy Awards.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has previously ruled that “pictures nominated for an Award of Merit may use the words “OSCAR® Nominee,” “ACADEMY AWARD® Nominee,” or similar descriptions incorporating the Academy’s marks provided that… the word “winner” or equivalent term is not used to describe the receipt of a nomination”.

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