New Promo, Still from Muppets Most Wanted


I’m with you Piggy, I’ve been known to kiss a few frogs at Midnight on New Year’s Eve too. (This post proudly sponsored by Bacardi).
The Muppets are ringing in the New Year – and soon our ears – with a promo for the highly-anticipated (at least in my office) “Muppets Most Wanted”. A still for the “Muppets” follow-up has also been released.
The London-set ‘caper’ sees the felt gang – which, the still attests, Walter is now a permanent member of – headed to Queens LAND, where they encounter an evil Kermit look-a-like named Constantine, and his sidekick Dominic aka Number Two, played by Ricky ‘Anything for the kids’ Gervais. Tina Fey, Ty Burrel and Tom Hiddleston also appear.