More Green Lantern rumors : Dwayne Johnson now a contender?


Take it with a grain of mud-tainted confetti, if only because these things tend to change each and every week (sometimes I think studios float these rumours online just to gage reaction, and if the response is negative they instantly switch gears- and suddenly the fanboys attack the source, claiming they were wrong all along.. which mightn’t necessarily be the case), but hot on the heels of a rumour last week that Denzel Washington is in line to play Green Lantern, comes fresh word that the equally bankable Dwayne Johnson might be up for the same part (jelly wrestle time!?).

Conveniently, and adding weight to the rumour is the fact that singlet-shredder Johnson himself mentioned in a Tweet earlier this week that he had met with DC about doing a superhero project. Though he didn’t mention the name of the film, nor the character he was yapping to the comic moguls about playing, Johnson had hinted at the possibility of playing Green Lantern’s John Stewart previously (kinda). So there might be something in this. Fact that Denzel Washington’s name has also been linked to the role of Stewart/Green Lantern in recent weeks suggests that there might be something at play too. If both rumours are on the money, DC would seem to be looking for an ethnic A-lister to play the new Lantern – thus, John Stewart.
Washington was rumoured to be playing the Stewart incarnation of Greenie in the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” movie – which seems reasonable, and logical, considering a bunch of other superhero characters besides the titular twosome are said to be making appearances – so it’s possible Johnson might wear the khaki ring for that, but I suppose there’s also the small chance that Warner/DC might be ready to do another “Green Lantern” solo movie – one to liquefy all retention of the ill-fated Ryan Reynolds version?

Time – or The Rock – will tell.