Downey wants Gibson and Foster in an Iron Man movie


Robert Downey Jr wants to get his buds Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster roles in one of Marvel’s future ‘Iron Man’ movies – whether that be a third sequel to the Downey-led solo blockbuster or a future “Avengers” movie.

According to Radar Online, Downey’s rallying for his famous friends to take part in one of the films so they too can share in the financial glory of being involved in something that billions will see. In other words, he wants to give a little back – and why not? Gibson and Foster helped Downey out a lot during his hard times.

While Downey does have some clout (he got Mickey Rourke to do “Iron Man 2”, after all), and obviously Marvel will be forced to listen to the mega-star, one can’t imagine Disney and Marvel jumping through hoops to work with Gibson, whose anti-semantic rants and temper have seen him been added to quite a few shit-lists in recent years. Foster, on the other hand, is a better bet – she’s Hollywood’s darling, one can’t imagine Marvel not welcoming her with open arms.

If the studio did OK him, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see Gibson playing some sort of rogue in an “Iron Man” or “Avengers” film in the future; he seems to be Hollywood’s new go-to guy for bad guys (“Machete Kills”, “The Expendables 3”), and by all indications, enjoys twirling his moustache for a few minutes in big ensemble flicks. By the same account, Foster too could fit right in in one of the comic book movies – either as a diplomatic good guy, or a villain herself.. having recently played one to perfection in Neil Blomkamp’s “Elysium”.

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