Fox takes Frey’s Endgame


Not that long ago Hollywood ran with wizards and vampires, but now it seems they’ve moved on to a new craze, something I like to call, the survivor rampage.  I’m guessing everyone should expect about thirty or so novels, films, paintings, TV shows and the like, all releasing with the hopes of striking it rich off of  “The Hunger Games,” trend.  According to THR, Fox is keen to jump on the bandwagon!

The studio is in talks to adapt James Frey’s not yet released YA novel, “Endgame,” which touts a Hunger Games –esque theme. Shocking, I know.  If the deal goes through, it looks like Frey would be set to adapt it for the big screen and perhaps continue to do so as he plans to release the novels as a series with Harper Collins.

The details are vague and somewhat hush-hush as Frey just barely closed the book deal, so all I can say is, “may the odds be ever in your favor” Fox and Frey.