Pics : Hail to the King, Three Days to Kill, X-Men, From Dusk Till Dawn


A slew of new monitor-friendly (probably the most inane thing I’ve typed all day; lonesome bring me a Red Bull!) images from all sorts of projected performance-art (there’s two! hurry with that drink!) have come online.

A new image from Kevin Costner and Luc Besson’s Taken 3 “Three Days to Kill”. Amber Heard is in this too. Did I mention Amber Heard? Yeah, she’s in this too. Amber Heard.

Marvel has released images from their upcoming Iron Man 3 apology, erm, short film “All Hail to the King” – which will be on the “Thor : The Dark World” Blu-ray – which sees Ben Kingsley reprising his role as Trevor, the dimish actor behind the Mandarin ruse.

Fox has released an image from “X-Men : Days of Future Past”, offering us our first look at the new ‘Quicksilver’ (Okay, one of two incarnations we’ll see of the character over the next couple of years – you’ll also see the mutant bro in “Avengers 2 : Electric Hulk-on-loo”), while EW has another still from the film up on their ‘web page blog thing’ (borrowed that term from a publicist who recently used it to refer to a movie website).

El Rey has released (via Buzzfeed) the first still of the new Gecko brothers from the small screen’s take of “From Dusk Till Dawn”.   Where’s the Titty Twister, though!?