21 Jump Street guys may do He-Man!? Give them the Power!


They breathed new life into the stale, dusty wheels of our “21 Jump Street” cassettes, might Phil Lord and Chris Miller now be granted the opportunity to do the same for.. Battle Cat!?

According to Schmoes Knows, Universal is zeroing in one several filmmakers for their long-gestating “Masters of the Universe” movie and the “21 Jump Street” (and “22 Jump Street”) duo are noted possibilities.

Jon M.Chu, of Uni’s “Step Up” and G.I Joe” franchises, was originally set to bring (back) He-Man to the silver screen but with a full dance-card he was left with no other choice but to toss the keys to Castle GraySkull to someone else.

The “Jump Street” guys’ have been suggested.

Lord and Miller are smart guys, they know an established brand has to reintroduce characters to a new audience while satisfying the hardcore fans of the original. They did that with “21 Jump Street” (and from the sounds of it, “22 Jump Street”) by including nods to the original series, including some fabulous cameos by the original players, but also by paying close attention to continuity. These two guys also transitioned nicely from ‘animated movie’ makers (“Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”) to ‘action/comedy movie’ makers (“21 Jump Street”); a fantasy action/adventure – with some light humour – wouldn’t be too much of a stretch either, I imagine.

Their “Masters of the Universe” movie could be all sorts of cool while throwing in some ‘fans would only know that’ nods… and maybe a couple of cool cameos. And one imagines their “Jump Street” boy Channing Tatum would be the first go they go to yielding He-Man’s sword.

Terry Rossio (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) was hired last year to write a new draft of the script… but it’s likely Lord and Miller would want to be involved in the writing process (if not take over scripting duties) if they undertake the job.

According to the Schmoes, Lord and Miller are in contention for the job along with ian Johnson (“Looper”), Joe Cornish (“Attack the Block”), Andres Muschietti and Chris Sanders (“The Croods”).

Love some of those guys too; but my next favourite on that list – Rian Johnson – wouldn’t go near something like this, he’s not into the pop.