Frozen may spawn sequel, broadway show


Disney CEO Bob Iger says current lucky horseshoe “Frozen” won’t be thawed anytime soon.

In an interview with Fortune in which he ostensibly offers air-floating high-5’s to himself intermittently throughout, Iger says they’ve more plans for Olaf the Snowman and friends. And why not? “It was the No. 1 all-time Disney animation debut, and it is expected to soon pass The Lion King in overall box office; it’s been nominated for two Golden Globes and may get an Oscar nod; it’s the No. 1 album on both Amazon and iTunes”, the article points out.

In addition to a possible Broadway play (well, of course), the snowy smash may spawn – again, ‘well, of course!’ – a movie sequel. But, Iger states, none of these things will materialize until Disney are completely confident they have an excellent product.”We’re not demanding speed,” he says. “We’re demanding excellence.”

Seems it’s not just the box-office success of the movie that has paved the way for a “Frozen” future, but the toys and licensing – which have been sending parents broke right around the world.