Johnny Depp to play Whitey Bulger.. and Dr. Strange!?


Even with “The Lone Ranger” tanking like a David Ayer WWII movie (that’s my entry into the ‘worst joke on the internet’ this week), Johnny Depp’s still as in-demand as ever.

Amber Heard’s quilt sharer (lucky bastard) is said to be talking to Marvel about wearing the designer beard of Doctor Strange in the studio’s long-mooted superhero movie. According to Latino Review, despite the fact that the script was written in mind for a 30-year-old actor (as opposed to a 50 year-old), Disney are willing to refurbish the libretto if it means securing the services of the man who helped them make a mint with those seemingly endless (there’s another one on the way) “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. “Doctor Strange” isn’t due to hit screens until 2016, at the earliest, so it might be a while before we hear any kind of official confirmation.

Meanwhile, Depp’s said to be back in talks to play Whitey Bulger in a long-gestating movie about the kingpin-turned-fugitive for Universal. Scott Cooper (“Out of the Furnace”) was announced this morning as the new director of “Black Mass”; he’s also going to rewrite the script. Depp was attached to “Black Mass” a year or so ago, but the deal fell apart over financial reasons. Well, according to Deadline, it looks like a go this time.