Moviehole Mailbag – January 16, 2014


Welcome to the first Mailbag of 2014. We welcome your letters via our contact page or to our Facebook inbox.

Thought you might have an idea what to expect with the “Entourage” movie, Clint? Will Vince be juggling twenty women at once in it? – Alex

Hmmm, what I can tell you? Well, I can tell you it’s filming… that enough? Oh, and Vince isn’t the one struggling to keep it in his pants this time around. The one playing musical beds is the one who really shouldn’t be – he has a devoted partner, a baby on the way, and a knack for managing one’s affairs.

Just wanted to say how much I love the Moviehole! I didn’t think the site could get any better, but it has. Looking forward to all the surprises and exciting new projects MH is doing this year! Thanks for giving us film fans a place to flock to each day, Clint! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date everyday, Ashleigh! Love the reviews, Mike! – Jen, Facebook

Hey Jen.  Rolling around in latex, about to make love to those words. Thank you!

Hey Moviehole,
I know you guys are now housed under a large corporate umbrella now; personally, I was concerned you’d lose your indy edge and honest voice when that partnership took place, but I think your brutal honesty and independence is stronger than ever. Consider me pleasantly surprised! I’m a fan! – Bruce

Bruce. As someone who has the plastic remnants of a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” toy wedged into his abdomen, you’ll never take the ‘Indy’ out of me. Never. New Coca-Cola Lemon, available for a limited time.

It’s only the third week of January and I’ve already seen half you guys not only on the internet but on TV and heard you on the radio. Is your mission media domination this year? – Trace

I can’t speak for the others, but I’m simply all about the elevator musak and air-conditioning.

Love the new Moviehole. I hardly recognize the place – SL

I know, right!? If you think that’s cool, you should see what my cat will do if I dangle fancy food above 7 feet above it’s head!!

Caffeinated Clint, bit harsh on “Jack Ryan” or what!? You ravaged that thing… you need to respect movies like it more. They’re better than you say. – Patrick

I tell you who I respect? your momma. Ravaged that thing last night. She’s better than they say.

A while ago I wrote in asking if there were any more positions available for Australian movie critics at Moviehole. Is there any? – Lachlan A.

Not movie critics, no; We only employ harsh writers that ravage Hollywood fluff here. In all seriousness, the gates of employment have closed here for a while but it doesn’t hurt to shoot me your CV and some samples – I’m always happy to pass it onto the sugar momma who foots the bills here.

Really hoping I’m a winner with the 47 Ronin movie competition. When do we find out? – Samuel.

That’s the first time in history the words ‘winner’ and ‘the 47 Ronin movie’ have appeared in the same sentence.

I love the way you write, Clint. The personality and attitude is fun. How do you stay cool? – Annalise

A can of ice-cold diet coke crunched against my butt cheeks.

hey clint man holden here any way i,m sorry to hear about paul walker man he was my favorite man that guy new how to acting he was coolest actor of my time after 12 years since 2001 since i saw the first film of fast and furious man there never be another paul walker he capture that person the way he acted in the fast and furious films man he always be rember as brian o’conner i hope number 7 will be the last one i hope they can not do no more films fast and furious he was a really good actor write back from your friend holden fast and furious fan – Holden

Hey Holden! If there was any positive to come out of such a horrible tragedy, it’s that you’ve reemerged! And right-on, man, the “Fast & Furious” films won’t be the same without Paul Walker – he IS “Fast & Furious”. Thanks for dropping us a line!

i vote for frozen sequel cartoon with the same cast and stuff i would want to see another one i think that would be a awsome idea clint i hope they do a sequel to it its worth the ticket i want to see frozen part of another cartoon sequel that would be awsome tho write back i hope they do it tho holden its worth the money i vote yes on the cartoon sequel with the same cast – Holden

I’ve seen the frozen parts of a few other cartoon sequels, and they’re not pretty, all rigid and stuff. Like you, I believe more “Frozen” could only be awesome awsome though.

of the movie kirsten bell and the same cast i would like to see that for sure for part 2 of a cartoon it would be awsome tho frozen 2 with kristen bell back in it and the would be awsome too see again tho brilliant cartoon of pixar of all time so yes part 2 would be worth seeing on the big screen again of a movie – Holden

Yep, got it. “Frozen 2”. And hey, if they’re in need of a screenwriter… I’ll send ’em your way!

I thought it was brilliant masterpeace of all time from disney if they do a sequel i would see it for sure with the same cast too and see it on the bigscreen again it was awsome frozen 2 would be awsome tho – Holden

That’s all Disney needed to hear I think, that you’d see it, man. Consider it in development! Roll it, Mickey!

That email is for contacting you guys right. its free right. write back. Holden – Holden

Free to email Moviehole? Yes. It’s only when you email one of us on the address that you’re invoiced per response.

What do you guys know about Gotham? – Benji

Batman lives there. Run home to your master Benji, rumour is you’re being hunted.

Will that new “From Dusk Till Dawn” series include Salma Hayek’s character – Marky

Yes indeed.Santanico will be in the new series,  and she’s more of a fully fleshed-out character here than she was in the movie. She has a terrific little scene with Ritchie early on in which they get into some feisty, flirty back-and-forward banter before she literally sinks her teeth into him. Give my regards to the funky bunch.

Don’t ever change, guys! Keep it real! 🙂 – Lorraine

We won’t!  Now a word from our sponsor… Frank Walker from National Tiles.