Weinstein’s nab Streep for NRA movie; court Matt and Ben for Sea movie


The Weinstein’s, customarily boasting in Oscar nomination success today, have started to get the ball rolling on the next couple of prospective Awards contenders for the studio.

Meryl Streep has been tapped to lead the studio’s “The Senator’s Wife”, a “Mr Smith Goes to Washington”-esque drama that’ll take on the NRA Gun Lobby head-on. The pic, in which Streep will likely be flanked by other big names, will “be a behind-the-scenes account of how the NRA used its influence with politicians to defeat the bill.” (Deadline)

Meanwhile, the Weinstein’s are chasing their “Good Will Hunting” duo Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for a two-hander that sounds like it’s from the same bit of tree, that terrific bit of bark “All is Lost” has been ripped from. The sea-set drama is called “A Speck in the Sea”, and tells of two lobster fisherman separated at sea. “Lobsterman John Al­dridge, 45, fell into the Atlantic 40 miles off Montauk last July while the boat was on autopilot and his partner Anthony Sosinski was asleep. He used his rubber boots as flotation devices while lost for 12 hours at sea before he was rescued. Weinstein got the rights after the Paul Tough-penned story ran in the Times this month.” (Page Six)