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Miles Teller to play Dan Aykoyd in Belushi biopic

“The Spectacular Now” star joins Emile Hirsch as Belushi

Emile Hirsh (‘Lone Survivor’) announced at Sundance – so says THR – that Miles Teller will be starring alongside him in the upcoming John Belushi biopic.

Teller, an up-and-comer whose work includes 2013’s “The Spectacular Now” and the upcoming awards contender “Whiplash”, will of course play Belushi’s friend and “Blues Brothers” co-star Dan Aykroyd.
Aykroyd is an executive producer on the project, suggesting he gave Teller the thumbs up.

Hirsch plays Belushi, the “Saturday Night Live”, “Blues Brothers” and “Animal House” star who died of a drug overdose at the Chateau Marmont at the age of 33.

Steve Conrad directs from a script he wrote, based on the book ‘Belushi’ with Judy Pisano and Tanner Colby.

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