Borat in Wonderland


With the novelty of his odious solo jaunts (like “Borat” and “Bruno”) having worn off considerably, Sacha Baron Cohen seems quite happy to be cashing a few big studio cheques for a while, especially if the pressure’s off him to bring in the green on them.

The actor, who in recent years has impressed more in small but showy turns in the likes of “Hugo” and “Les Miserables” than his self-created ventures (was “Borat” the only truly legitimately funny one?), looks to accept an offer to join Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska in Disney’s sure-thing “Alice in Wonderland” sequel.

Called “Through the Looking Glass”, it’ll be directed by “Muppets” helmer James Bobin and is due for release 2016. Cohen would fill the void left by Helena Bonham-Carter, playing the undisclosed villain.

Cohen worked with Depp on “Sweeney Todd” a couple of years back, so it’s possible the former ‘Jump Street’ copper suggested the singing comic for this latest flick.