What’s Bruce Willis doing next? Anyone care?


Stallone says he’s lazy and greedy, but when being slack and green-eyed is still working for Bruce Willis, where’s the motivation to change? So, by all means brother, pop a quarter in the slot and phone another performance in.

The “Good Day to Die Hard” culprit has snagged a couple more roles – one of them the starring role in yet another of those Emmett/Furla ‘masterpieces’.

Called “Vice”, it’s a science-fictioner that’s libretto seems to have rubbed the finer elements of Willis’s “The Surrogates” and TVs “Alien Nation” together. To its merit though, the spec by Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore was only on the market a few weeks before the fat-walleted Emmett/Furla nabbed it, so must be ‘something’ in it.

Picked to co-star with Willis? Emmett’s wife, Ambyr Childers (“2 Guns”). [Insert smarmy comment here]

The Hollywood Reporter says :

Vice, which has been described as having a Westworld-meets-Grand Theft Auto vibe, is set on a resort in the future where the staff are lifelike synthetic beings and the rich can live out their darkest fantasies. The pseudo-paradise has an “anything goes” policy, given that the memories of the androids reset every night. One female staffer (Childers), however, suffers a glitch and is flooded with all her memories. Realizing the horror she has been made to suffer, she vows revenge. Willis will play the owner of the resort.

The second snag of the day, “Rock the Kasbah” – which sounds slightly more in-tune with the stuff Willis should be doing.

The big guy, who once impressed us with his character-driven turns in flicks like “Pulp Fiction” and “The Sixth Sense”, joins Bill Murray in a film about a music manager who heads to Afghanistan to find music’s next big thing. Sounds challenging, unique and interesting – three things most of Willis’s recent films weren’t.

I take the Mickey, but it’s only because I care, Bruce; the original “Die Hard”, “Sixth Sense”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Unbreakable”, “Sin City, “Twelve Monkeys”… they were good and you were good in them. swig some Red Bull and get off your ass on work for your audience again, brother.