Bill Cosby returning to TV!


With Michael J.Fox now back on the box (let’s leave ratings out of our tête-à-tête for the moment, shall we?), good to hear his former Reagan-era TV adversary Bill Cosby – whose “Cosby Show” use to battle Fox-starrer “Family Ties” for ratings gold each and every week – is also set to try his hand at a comeback series.
The former “Cosby Show” and “Cosby” star is set to headline an untitled sitcom for NBC, according to Deadline. Tom Werner, an executive producer of Cosby’s landmark “The Cosby Show” (can you believe it’s been 20 years since it was on the air!?), will reunite with the comic legend on the project. No story details are available but the show is said to fix on a multigenerational family.
Cosby, despite not being a spring chicken anymore, is also said to be working on a cartoon reboot of his classic animated series “Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids”.
No word yet on a “Leonard Part 6” redo.