Fire Walk With Me deleted scenes being released this year


As if knowing a newly-filmed promo – featuring, among others, Ray Wise as Leland Palmer – had been filmed for the upcoming “Twin Peaks” box set wasn’t exciting enough, now there’s confirmation that those many, many minutes of deleted scenes from “Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me” have been polished, pruned and included in the set too!

Wise, speaking about his new flick “Big Ass Spider!”, tells Aint it Cool News that the wait – for the cut bits – is finally over.

Noting that there was some rights issues they had to get sorted out before all the “Fire Walk With Me” scenes could be released to the public, Wise says “But, it’s happening. I guess the first cut of David’s film, FIRE WALK WITH ME, was probably around three-and-a-half hours long, maybe approaching four, we’ll probably see a lot of that material on the new set.”

As for what Wise actually shot with David Lynch a couple of weeks ago or the promo? He won’t say, just that “Well, I’m sure more rumors will come out of it, but we were meeting to discuss and do some things for the new box set.”

The “Twin Peaks” Blu-ray box set, which will include the pilot, the complete series, and “Fire Walk With Me”, will be released later this year.