Pay for my Terminator movie, brother?


In ‘does it really matter? no’ news, Deadline reports that Megan Ellison has pulled out of financing 2015’s “Terminator” reboot.

Despite nabbing the rights to the enduring science-fiction series a couple of years ago (for around $20 million), and consequently retaining an legally-dictated executive producer position on the new film in the series (which is set to go into production shortly with Alan ‘Thor The Dark World’ Taylor at the helm), the filthy-wealthy Ellison has opted to let brother David – via his Skydance Productions, the outfit that bankrolled the recent “Mission : Impossible” films – pay her share (it’s something like a 60/40 split between Skydance and Paramount). Sibling love, hey?

Nobody’s saying why Megan’s cutting back on her responsibilities to the film, but it could be that she considers “Terminator” (or “Terminator : Genesis” as it’s been referred to in recent months) out of place on her impressive CV, which now boasts such award-worthy meat as “American Hustle”, “Her” and “Zero Dark Thirty” (and one has to admit, what with his penchant for bankrolling Tom Cruise movies, brother David’s company does seem a better fit for the film). It might also be that the failure of “Oldboy”, which her company Anapurna chipped in for, stung her bank balance a bit (but, considering the money these Ellison’s apparently have.. that’s doubtful). or maybe Ellison balked at the price of the thing (it’s currently being budgeted) – but she’d have to have known going into this that it’d probably be the most expensive movie she’d made, so… nah. Shit, It doesn’t much matter who pays for the film – Megan or David, because the money’s still coming from the same place… the fat bank-account of father Larry.