Kickstart needed for Beresford’s Zebras starring Hemsworth, Greenwood


Legendary Australian director Bruce Beresford (“Breaker Morant”, “Driving Miss Daisy”) is attached to direct local thesp Luke Hemsworth (“Neighbours”) and the always-dependable Bruce Greenwood (“Star Trek”) in “Zebras”.

Written by renowned Australian playwright, David Williamson and produced by Jim McElroy (“The Year of Living Dangerously”), “Zebras” tells the story of a soccer team with heart. In South Africa in 1983 Paul Krige a champion footballer and record executive, defies the establishment when he coaches a multi racial team- to victory.

Hemsworth would play Krige, with Greenwood – reuniting with his “Mao’s last Dancer” and “Double Jeopardy” director Beresford – playing prominent National Party Broederbond member, Christian Kruger.

Like so many unique, story-driven films these days (Studio exec 1 : “you want money for something that’s not deep in special effects, star cameos and product placement? Take a hike!”), the producers are hoping film lovers of the world will throw a few dollars their way to see the film come to fruition. “Zebras” has just launched its crowd-funding campaign over on Kickstarter, and if they snag the $900,000 , the film will be the biggest Aussie production to have used the website to bankroll a movie.

As with all Kickstarter campaigns (as most of Moviehole know, having helped finance – along with billions of others – the “Veronica Mars” movie), there’s some great incentives for those that want to donate – including a speaking role in the film.

Jim McElroy said “My partner Marta and I are really excited to be able to offer our supporters the chance to be involved in this film, and to experience the magic of making movies. The ZEBRAS story is a truly inspirational and amazing story, and is one that really needs to be told. We urge film lovers to get involved and help us bring the story to life on the big screen’.

It’s expected – should the film get its funds – filming will commence in Cape Town or Johannesburg later this year.

Here’s the campaign promo :