Runaround Sue; Tarantino vs.Gawker


(2) time Academy Award winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino took his promised legal action today when he filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement in a United States District Court in Los Angeles. The suit names the media web site at fault for publishing links that enabled readers to download Tarantino’s latest script, “The Hateful Eight.” The lawsuit also names, which the Gawker article linked to, and which contains a download of the script. The suit requests more than $1 million in damages against both defendants.

In a post published on the site, Gawker editor John Cook denied his site had infringed on any copyright, noting that Gawker itself did not leak the script but only published a link that took readers to a site ( where the script could be downloaded. is a site that allows users to upload and download files anonymously. However, it does state in its terms and conditions that users can be held responsible for illegal and copyright infringement material.
Tarantino, who won Original Screenplay Oscars for 1994’s “Pulp Fiction” and 2012’s “Django Unchained” stated that he no longer intends to make “The Hateful Eight” and will instead just publish the script.

As of 10:00 CST the link to was still active on the Gawker page as was the PDF file itself.