John Stamos : Full House sequel in the works


John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, better known as ‘Danny’, ‘Jesse’ and ‘Joey’ from ’80s sitcom “Full House” reunite on SuperBowl Sunday for a… yoghurt commercial (you can view it below).

While doing their rounds of the talk shows this week to talk up their reunion ‘project’, it was revealed that -yep, it gets better than yoghurt commercials – a “Full House” sequel .

“The legacy is so important to us, every year it just gets deeper and more important to everybody, we just have to do it right”, Stamos tells ‘Watch What Happens Live’ (via Zap2it). We’ve started working on a twist on a sequel but we don’t know if it’s going to happen yet or not.”

So, what’s the deal? new TV series? telemovie? film-of-the-week? web-series?

A hoax hit the web late last year that a sequel series was in the works (it was apparently going to fix on the now grown-up Tanner kids, and their offspring) – is it possible the joke got someone thinking?

Apparently “Full House” airs frequently in the states, like every morning, and is still pulling in big numbers so no surprise that the boy’s might want to get in on some of that prospective loot. They might have trouble convincing those twins – what were their names? – that played Michelle to return though… think they left the business shortly after the show wrapped.