Tarantino might still be doing Hateful Eight


A couple of weeks ago, word reached Quentin Tarantino that the script for a western he’d written titled “Hateful Eight” was doing the rounds (after an undisclosed agent leaked it); considering how protective he is of his stories, especially those that haven’t yet reached the screen (and that’s fair enough), nobody much surprised when the filmmaker reversed on hid plans to make the movie. As he saw it, everybody knew the ending.. what’s the point in making the movie.

If anything, Tarantino said he’d release the script – which tells of a couple of bounty hunters who go after a wanted man – as a novel.. and that would be it. Done.

Amazing what a week of warm baths and early nights can do.

Jeff Sneider from The Wrap tweeted that Tarantino may have decided to do the movie after all.

According to Sneider, Tarantino offered Samuel L.Jackson a role in the movie through the week.

Representatives for both Tarantino and Jackson didn’t respond to Sneider’s emails.

Before the leak, Tarantino offered roles in “The Hateful Eight” to Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, and Bruce Dern – assumingly, they’d all still be involved.