Emmy Rossum as Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot? We could go for that!


“Shameless” star Emmy Rossum may inherit the imperceptible undies of Jessica Alba in Fox’s reboot of “Fantastic Four”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Brit babe tested for the role of Sue Storm in Josh Trank’s soon-to-lens superhero jaunt on Tuesday. Also reading the same day, “American Horror Story” star Kate Mara.

Saorise Ronan and Elizabeth Olsen were rumoured to have been up for the Fox flick but.. Oh, I dunno, shit didn’t pan out (Olsen’s got herself another superhero gig anyway, playing Scarlett Witch in “The Avengers” sequel – likely the better choice, anyway).

Of the sexy Storm contenders, gotta say, Rossum (“The Day After Tomorrow”, “Beautiful Creatures”) definitely fits the bill. Mara would be a catch too, but the “Shameless” star’s sex appeal and acting style would seemingly lead no fan to a petitiononline form.

On the guys front, while Michael B.Jordan (“Fruitvale Station”) is a lock to play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, and his “That Awkward Moment” co-star Miles Teller looks to be a safe bet as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, the trade says Christian Cook (who?) has been linked to the Ben Grimm/Thing role (seems those Josh Gad rumours were as false as Betty White’s hip).

Like the most recent “Fantastic Four” films, the reboot will see the foursome take on Dr. Doom; Julian McMahon played the role in the other flicks, but apparently Fox is aiming higher than soap star this time around (it’s even rumoured they might “RoboCop” the thing – Lewis getting a gender-change and all – and have Doom be a woman. Anything to please Meryl Streep, I guess?).

With production looming, expect the roles to be locked down pretty soon.