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Gary Oldman approached for Star Wars Episode VII

“RoboCop” actor says he has been contacted about being a part of “Star Wars : Episode VII”

Nobody forces Gary Oldman to do anything -unless of course they force with.. The Force.

Out doing the promo rounds for “RoboCop”, Oldman tells Sky Movies that the “Star Wars Episode VII” camp are interested in him for some sort of role – I’m thinking the older version of Wicket the Ewok; dude could really add gravitas to that part – in the 2015 (not so far, far away) blockbuster.

Without giving away too much, the “Dark Knight” and “Harry Potter” alum confirms that “they’ve called” him about doing the movie. If there’s a reason he doesn’t expand on its answer, it’s likely only because he doesn’t like to jinx himself before anything is in writing – dude essentially says it himself.

J.J Abrams seems to be chasing some big guns for “Episode VII” – just as George Lucas did with the prequel trilogy, by bringing in everyone from Alvin Purple’s Graeme Blundell, “Playschool” alum Jay Lagi’aa, ‘Damien’ from “Home & Away” – with Hugo Weaving and Judi Dench also rumoured to have been approached.

Some may recall that Oldman was originally penciled in to reprise the voice of General Grevious, the chap in charge of the Droid Army, in Lucas’s prequels. Oldman pulled out of vocal duties when he found out the gig fell under ‘non-union’ (But obviously things have changed now that Lucasfilm is owned by Disney, and Lucas is barely involved in the new series).

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